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UIDPS Announces Police Division Additions

The University of Iowa Department of Public Safety is pleased to announce the addition of four new police officers to their Police Division:

Don Strong of Cedar Rapids, served with the Iowa National Guard as a combat medic and was previously employed by the West Liberty Police Department as a police officer. Officer Strong started in February of 2015 and completed a three month field training course before being assigned to a watch.

UIPD Issue Crime Alert

The University of Iowa has been notified recently by employees who have been the target of state and federal tax fraud.   We take this issue extremely seriously and are working with these employees to contact the proper authorities and provide assistance.

There is no evidence this fraud is the result of a UI data breach. 

Winter 2014 Crime Prevention News

Winter has arrived and the semester is almost over.  Whether you are traveling or staying on campus, please take extra precautions.  Find out how by reading our Crime Prevention News - December 2014.

Back by popular demand, we are going to hand out tasty donuts at the campus Main Library, Group Area D on Tuesday, December 16, 2014, between noon and 2PM.  Please accept the donuts as an expression of gratitude for our students.  Best wishes and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!