Fire Safety

Grilling SafteyThe Department of Public Safety is responsible for the oversight of fire safety and awareness in the UI Community. Question or concerns should be directed to either:

  • Bruce McAvoy, Fire Safety Coordinator, Department of Public Safety, 335-5389
  • Chuck Green, Assistant Vice President and Director of Public Safety, 335-5026

Contact us regarding any of the following topics:

  • Building Structure Design Assessment
  • Inspections (State Fire Marshal, Iowa City Fire Department & University Personnel)
  • Occupant Use Evaluation
  • Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment & Systems
  • Corrective Actions

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers must be properly selected, mounted and routinely inspected. The Department of Facilities Management Electronic Shop purchases, inspects and maintains fire extinguishers. For evaluation as to need, proper type and location of fire extinguishers call 335-5125.

"Hands-on" fire extinguisher training is available for any faculty, staff, or student group and can be arranged by contact the UI Fire Safety Coordinator at 335-5389

Click here to see the Employees Guide to Using Fire Extinguishers

Extension Cords

The State Fire Code prohibits the use of extension cords as "permanent wiring". Portable power strips that are UL listed (fused & grounded), may be used in applications approved by the device’s manufacturer. Surge protecting power strips are to be used only on sensitive electronic equipment such as personal computers and their accessories.  Surge protectors and power strips must be plugged directly into a wall outlet.

Grilling Policy

There are many rules and regulations pertaining to both indoor and outdoor grilling. Click here to see the UI's Grilling Policy.

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