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Community Outreach Officer


Portrait of Alton Poole

Community Outreach Officer Alton Poole helps bridge the gap between campus and the department by developing relationships with students, faculty, and staff to help further the department's mission to promote a safe learning environment for all students and maintain a safe working environment for all employees. He is happy to attend events held by student groups, provide safety training, and conduct security assessments of buildings or work spaces.


Alton Poole, Community Outreach Officer

Desk: 319-335-5043



Request Training

A series of classes and presentations are available to departments and campus organizations upon request, in addition to the department's primary educational offerings.

Request a Class


A presentation given upon request to improve self-awareness, improve confidence and knowledge in threatening situations, and learn risk reduction techniques. 

Prepare employees to handle emergency situations and how to properly deal with disruptive persons in the workplace.  Also presented as part of the ‘Ready or Not Series.’

The purpose of this course is to inform the students about some of the common state and local law violations that occur in the Johnson County area. This allows students to get to know local law enforcement officers and actively engage in open discussion about university policy and laws. 

Educate RA staff about services offered by the Department of Public Safety and discuss local and state laws.