The University of Iowa

Hawk Alert & Code Blue Phones

Hawk Alert

Hawk Alert

The Hawk Alert System is used to notify the community of threats to physical safety in emergency situations, including severe weather and violence. The link below can direct you to the Hawk Alert web page to change your contact information or view frequently asked questions.

Find out more about Hawk Alert on the Hawk Alert home page.

UI Outdoor Siren Warning System

Along with the Hawk Alert System, the UI Siren Warning System is essential to providing clear and prompt information to the community in the event of an emergency, such as severe weather or violence on campus. 

Code Blue Phones

There are 24 emergency telephones strategically placed around campus. A single push of the illuminated button summons UIPD officers, allows dispatchers to hear the situation, and triggers the bright blue strobe light at the top of a 9-foot pole.

How Code Blue Works For You

  • With the push of a button, officers are notified within 60 seconds.
  • Phones are scattered all around campus, especially in isolated areas.
  • Some of the phones are equipped with cameras, which assist in identifying attackers or suspicious persons.

For a map of Code Blue Phone locations on campus, click here.