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Threat Assessment Team

The University of Iowa established a Threat Assessment Team (TAT) to implement the Iowa Board of Regents’ comprehensive safety and security policy (Chapter 11) that includes a charge to provide comprehensive threat assessment and management services. The TAT combines expertise in the areas of law enforcement, mental health, student services, organizational effectiveness, employment law and other legal issues.

In order to promote a campus that is safe, the goal of TAT is to provide an integrated and coordinated process for identifying and responding to students, faculty, staff and other individuals who may be at risk of harming themselves or others. Achieving this goal involves:

  • responding to reported concerns.
  • intervening as necessary to reduce risk and/or manage threat.
  • utilizing a multidisciplinary team to review, identify and develop specific intervention/prevention strategies.
  • collecting and organizing information to facilitate communication on and off campus.
  • analyzing information, discerning patterns, and following up as appropriate.
  • providing education and training to faculty, staff and students in how to identify and report concerning behaviors and incidents that may need further assessment.

See this website for more information.