University of Iowa

Dialing 911 On Campus

All 911 calls placed from landlines on the University of Iowa campus ring in to UIPD dispatch.  If you are calling 911 for an emergency, please:

  • Stay calm.
  • Be ready to provide your name, location and call back number to the Dispatcher.
  • All UIPD Dispatchers are Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) certified, so if you are calling for a medical emergency, the Dispatcher will ask a series of questions about the nature of the emergency.

911 Hang-Ups

In 2013, UIPD responded to over five hundred 911 hang-ups on the University of Iowa campus.  So far in 2014, that number has doubled to 1,017.  Accidental dials are inevitable in an organization as large and as complex as this, so if you accidentally dial 911 please:

  • Remain on the line!  If you hang up, the 911 Dispatcher will call you back.
  • Be ready to provide your name and location to the Dispatcher.
  • If UIPD Dispatchers are unable to successfully call back and make contact with a 911 call, UIPD officers will respond to make sure everything is okay.
  • All 911 hang-ups from UIHC are referred to UIHC Safety and Security.