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Drills & Exercises

Drills & Exercises

Emergency Management, a division of Public Safety, helps coordinate drills and exercise with partners across campus that want to test components of their emergency plans. We also help coordinate campus-wide drills and exercises as needed to facilitate large scale preparedness.  Exercises are intended to provide the user group with an organized way to test their core capabilities as it relates to emergency planning, preparation, and response. It is through drills and exercises that we validate our plans and identify gaps that may exist. These training opportunities provide us with the opportunity to improve and evaluate our planning efforts leading to a more resilient campus community.

Previous Exercises have addressed what to do in the event of:

  • Severe weather
  • Mass Protest
  • Explosion

(This list is only a sampling)

Scheduled Exercises

(August 2019) Full Scale Active Shooter exercise with multi-jurisdictional coordination.

Request an Exercise

To request an exercise please contact emergency management by completing the online form using the button below. 

Request an Emergency Exercise