The University of Iowa

Hiring DPS Personnel Form - Special Events



Reservations: Event scheduling and coverage by Public Safety requires a minimum of 10 days advance notice to coordinate/arrange for and work your event. We request the event hours must be set at the time of the request; Public Safety reserves the right to alter start and finish times based on the circumstances of the event. Changes to the scheduled hours of the event may not be made without the prior approval of UI DPS. Overtime pay rates vary depending on the individual assigned to the event and number of personnel requested. For more information regarding Police and Security pay rates please contact Lieutenant Derek Hyche at 319-335-5022.

Duties: The officers/guards assigned to the event have the primary purpose of providing a reasonably safe and secure environment. While at the event, Public Safety will try to work with the event sponsors to ensure the event proceeds safely without incident. If an incident (accident, injury, disruption, or criminal incident) occurs, the officer will take action or summon the necessary assistance to respond to the incident. Some specific duties Public Safety personnel are prohibited from performing include:

  • Ticket taking or seat ushering.
  • Carding or identifying individuals to ensure University status and or above the legal drinking age.
  • Collection of ticket moneys.




To confirm cancellation of an event, call 319-335-5022 and ask for the watch commander. Give the watch commander your name, the event name, the date and time of your event, contact information, and share your intent to cancel the event. The watch commander will inform personnel scheduled to work the event. If the cancellation notice is more than 24 hours in advance, the sponsors will not be charged. If the cancellation notice given is less than 24 hours in advance or the event is canceled without notice, the sponsors could be charged up to a maximum of three hours per scheduled person working the event. Public Safety and contract security personnel will be paid a minimum of three hours. Public Safety realizes that some events cannot be planned to the last minute as far as finish times are concerned. During regular business hours please contact Lt. Hyche with questions related to your event.