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UIPD issues Crime Alert 22-04

Crime Alert

This message includes information about a crime that was recently reported on or near the University of Iowa campus. The purpose of this email is to provide you with the information you need to stay safe and take any appropriate precautions.

In the interest of campus safety, we want everyone to be aware that the UI Department of Public Safety has received an increase in reports of electric bike thefts on campus during the last three months. Though it is not yet clear if these incidents are related, those who use e-bikes as a mode of transportation on campus are encouraged to consider the following safety considerations: 

  • Always lock your e-bike/motor vehicle. Use a high quality lock, and be sure to lock your e-bike frame and wheel to fixed, approved bike racks. Using multiple locks can also serve as a deterrent.
  • Keep a record of the make, model, and serial number of your e-bike, including a photograph. This will make it easier to report your e-bike stolen, and easier for law enforcement to return it to you if it is located. You can register your bike on campus, with your municipality, or with a variety of online bike registration services.
  • Balance protection and visibility. Lock your e-bike in a moderately busy area with high visibility rather than an isolated location. Avoid leaving your e-bike unattended in the same area for multiple days without checking on it. 
  • Consider investing in a small tracking device for your e-bike and place it in an inconspicuous location.
  • Consider removing the battery to make it less appealing to thieves.
  • Report e-bike theft and suspicious activity near bike racks. You can contact the UI Department of Public Safety at 319-335-5022, or by using the text feature on the Rave Guardian App

These incidents remain under investigation. If you have information that could be helpful, please call the UI Department of Public Safety at 319-335-5022.

*Electric bikes are considered motor vehicles, making e-bike theft a Clery Act crime.

The only person responsible for a crime is the perpetrator. Crime alerts are sent to UI students and employees in accordance with federal law requiring universities to disclose information about crime to help prevent similar crimes and to identify offenders.

These notices are prompted by crimes that have already occurred, but could represent a serious or ongoing threat to students and employees. This message alone is not necessarily an indication that crime rates on campus have increased or that a pattern of crime has emerged. To learn more about crime in your area and/or on campus, we encourage you to read the Campus Safety and Security Report and review the daily crime log. You can also review previous crime alerts.

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Criminal Complaint: If you believe a crime has been committed, we encourage you to call 911. To contact the University of Iowa Police non-emergency line, call 319-335-5022. 

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