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Special Event Staffing

Need security help for a big event? The Department of Public Safety can assist you with either police officers or security personnel to maintain a safe environment. We have covered concerts, speakers, athletic events, parties, dances, and other events in the past.


To reserve our services, click on the following link and fill out the form:

Special Event Request Form For Non-UI Sponsored Events

In order to ensure availability of officers to work the event, the Department of Public Safety requires a minimum of 10 days advance notice. E-mail Lt. Derek Hyche at or call (319) 335-5022 if you have special event questions or concerns.


Because the Department of Public Safety's personnel working at special events are beyond the scope of normal duties, they must be paid the following overtime rates. Each employee makes a different rate of pay so we can only estimate costs with more information. Please contact Lt. Hyche for more information.

Events will be charged a minimum of three hours for each officer regardless of the minimum hours requested.