The University of Iowa

Fire Extinguishers and AEDs

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers must be properly selected, mounted and routinely inspected. The Department of Facilities Management Electronic Shop purchases, inspects and maintains fire extinguishers. For evaluation as to need, proper type and location of fire extinguishers call 335-5125.

"Hands-on" fire extinguisher training is available for any faculty, staff, or student group and can be arranged by contacting the UI Fire Safety Coordinator at 335-5389.

Click here to see the Employees Guide to Using Fire Extinguishers


​AEDs or Automatic External Defibrillators are portable electronic devices that can diagnose certain types cardiac events and treat them via defibrillation. They are designed for lay-people and prompt correctly use through voice commands and easy-to-follow instructions. For a complete map listing where you can find AEDs on the University of Iowa Campus, please click here

Any University of Iowa department, building or employee wishing to purchase an AED should contact the UI Fire Safety Coordinator at 335-5389.