UI Police provide 24/7 law enforcement services. Our officers are state-certified, and enforce state, local, and federal laws. UI Police respond to all calls for service and investigate all criminal incidents that occur on university property.

Patrol Officers are typically the first to respond to an emergency on campus, as they respond directly to calls that are dispatched from our campus Emergency Communications Center.

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The Investigations Unit is responsible for conducting thorough and efficient investigations into crimes committed on campus. We take every investigation seriously and strive to ensure that justice is served for all parties involved.

UI Police officers are trained to conduct victim-centered investigations using trauma-informed techniques that aim to create a safe and supportive environment for the interviewee.

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Special Events

We are committed to supporting the safety and security of all events on campus. We work closely with event organizers and campus partners to ensure that events are safe, enjoyable, and well-prepared for any potential emergency.

If you would like to request our services for an upcoming event, please contact us a minimum of 14 days in advance.

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Community Outreach

The Community Outreach unit of the police department is responsible for building and maintaining positive relationships between law enforcement and the students, faculty, and staff we serve.

The Outreach team organizes community events and programs, provides education and outreach on crime prevention and safety, and works with community groups to address specific issues or concerns.

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UI Hospitals and Clinics

Supporting a safe environment for our healthcare professionals and visitors is central to our mission to foster a safe, supportive, and inclusive campus environment.

UI Police provide this support through a dedicated lieutenant and several police officers who are assigned specifically to the hospital. This team works closely with the UI Health Care Safety and Security team to enhance safety and provide assistance.

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Safety Training

UI Police teach a variety of free and low-cost safety training programs to campus and the community.

Review the offerings from Police and other Campus Safety staff and submit a request.

Safety Training Courses

Campus Safety Services

Play an active role in your personal safety by learning more about the safety tools and training programs we offer.