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Welcome to the UI Department of Public Safety!

Our mission is to provide each member of the UI community with a sense of security throughout campus by creating a safe learning environment at all times and educating students, faculty and staff in matters of protection and personal responsibility. 

Our department’s philosophy is that, by breaking down barriers between the students and police, a more meaningful channel of communication can be opened up for the department to receive candid feedback from students that will enable the department to better fulfill its mission.

We try to achieve this by:

  • Encouraging officers to have positive interactions with students where the students feel most comfortable (through participation in intramurals, community service projects, and other student-centered activities).
  • Hiring student security officers who can play an active role in peer education and enhancing campus safety.
  • Implementing other educational programs and activities that bring students and officers together.

Have an idea? Please feel free to contact our department with any thoughts, questions, or concerns at:

Provide Feedback

Commend an officer, or share a concern about a police interaction.

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