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Violent Incident Survival Training (V.I.S.T.)

Why Do I Need This?

It is an unfortunate reality that in our society we must be concerned about the possibility of someone using a weapon to harm members of the university community. The University of Iowa and the Department of Public Safety believes your safety is the most important responsibility we are charged with preserving. And, while our department is trained and prepared to handle these incidents, it is important to note that personal resiliency starts with you.

Realizing that someone can’t be with you around the clock for protection, we offer training and education on various topics to help ensure your safety; our Violent Incident Survival Training (VIST) is one of many currently being offered. 

Our VIST course is based on a flexible set of principles — "Run, Hide, Fight,” — that may be adapted to any violent situation. Broad preparation throughout our university community for these types of incidents is key for improving outcomes, and building resiliency. 

There are no guarantees in life, but we hope this course gives you training to fall back on if you ever find yourself in a violent incident. 

Course Length

Two and a half hours

To Register

Student Groups

Please email the University of Iowa Department of Public Safety Police Division at for more information.


To schedule a course for your department, please email the University of Iowa Department of Public Safety Police Division at for more information.