The University of Iowa

Security Division

Security Division

The Security Division includes both full time employees and over 80 part time, student employees who play an active role in campus safety. 


Portrait of UI Security Supervisor Beau Hartsock


Beau Hartsock, Security Supervisor, Day Watch


Desk: 319-384-2785



Dan Grissom, Security Supervisor, Night Watch


Desk: 319-335-6224



Student Security Officer Program


The Security Division employs more than 80 student security officers throughout the academic year who work in roles that are critical to the function of the institution.


Assignments include but are not limited to:

  • Patrolling residence halls 
  • Watching over parking lots and assigned buildings
  • Helping dispatch and drive for the NITE RIDE service
  • Helping staff athletic events, and other special events hosted by the university
  • Assisting with fingerprinting and lost and found 
  • Providing oversight services at the American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge and the Ronald McDonald House
  • Conducting FSL compliance checks

We provide an in-house training program for each student depending on what their assignment is. In addition to this training, our student security officers always have the support of a  full time officer or police officer available to support them. 

We train and teach our students to maintain their safety and not to get involved in anything potentially dangerous.  The student security officers are trained to report any potentially dangerous incidents to dispatch, using their radio, so we can send in full time staff and police officers.

Student Employment Opportunities

Applications for UI student positions are continually being accepted.

Learn more about our positions for students by visiting our employment page. Current openings can be found on HandShake. All interested applicants will need to fill out a DPS Student Employment Application below and return it to the Department of Public Safety at 808 University Capitol Centre. A full background and criminal history check is required. For more information, call 319-384-2785.

Print Application
Please fill out, print, and return to the UI Department of Public Safety with your resumé.

Student Security Officer Application

Web Form Application
Please fill out form online and upload your resumé when prompted.

Student Security Officer Application


SHOUT (Students Helping OUT)



The SHOUT program provides trained student ambassadors to patrol during student sponsored events, student gatherings, and in downtown Iowa City during high traffic, weekend hours with a focus on bystander intervention and overall safety.

The mission of the SHOUT program is to provide a community service to students and other patrons by helping a lost person find their group, arranging safe transportation via NITE RIDE, and providing public education about the Rave Guardian app and other safety services the department offers. 

This program is focused on community service as opposed to law enforcement and compliance. Police will not be requested for minor infractions (such as jaywalking, riding bikes in unauthorized areas, tobacco compliance, or loitering) unless there is an immediate concern for someone's safety. 

The SHOUT program is another layer of the department’s community policing strategy, and aims to create an avenue for students to play an active role in making their campus safe.


    Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. in downtown Iowa City. 

      SHOUT borders are:

      North — East Market St

      East — South Dodge St

      South — East Burlington St

      West — South Madison St 

      • Helping an individual who is separated from their group
      • Helping facilitate safe transportation by foot, Nite Ride or SHOUT vehicle
      • Helping students set up a Rave Guardian profile
      • Bystander intervention
      • Providing medical care to an incapacitated person; medical assistance will be requested
      • Intervening in violent situations; police assistance will be requested