The University of Iowa

Report a Crime or Request a Record

Report a Crime

Safety is a community effort, and we encourage everyone to play an active role in campus safety by looking out for one another and reporting suspicious behavior in a timely manner.

On-demand interpreter and translation services are available for people who do not speak English fluently. 

    In an emergency or crime in progress:

    Dial: 9-1-1


    Dial: 319-335-5022

    Sharing your personal information with police is not mandatory, but if you would like UI police to contact you about your concern, please fill out the form below and include your contact information. 

    Download Witness Statement Form

    Please include:

    • Your name
    • Your address
    • Your phone number
    • A brief description of the problem or situation

    What happens next?

    A police officer will be dispatched to your location to take a report and, in most cases, a witness statement will be taken so we can be as accurate as possible.

    Do not sign the written statement before talking to an officer. 

    All written statements must be signed in the presence of an officer or other state notary.

    Unless it falls under an exception to the open records law, a police report is available to the public at a small cost.

    Accident Reports
    All accident reports can be retrieved from Instructions are available here.

    Standard Records Requests

    All records requests (other than accident reports) must be requested through the UI Office of Transparency. They have an online form, which you can access at this link:

    Some records are confidential, including police officers' investigative reports, except where disclosure is authorized elsewhere in the Iowa Code.

    Please see the FAQ on the Open Records website for more information.

    Criminal Background Checks

    Criminal histories must be obtained through the Iowa Department of Public Safety. They can be reached at 515-281-4776.

    UIPD Records Department Hours
    Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
    Phone: 319-335-5022

    To report a crime anonymously:

    Send UI Police a text message using the Rave Guardian app.

    The UI Department of Public Safety is not the only channel to use when a problem arises.

    When criminal charges do not apply or a joint-investigation is necessary, you may be referred to one of the following resources: